About Us


How did we get to here...

Performance Diesel Intercoolers was started by Brian Wiese to fill a gap in the market for those pursuing the full power capabilities in modern diesel engines. This is from a mild 20% power upgrade to increases of over 200% where it is important to keep EGT down while making power.

The interest in turbo diesels began in 2005 after managing to import two top spec 80 series 1HD-T powered Landcruisers from Japan before the 15 year import rule was shut down by the government.  It wasn't long before the boost was wound up and the fuelling changed to improve performance.

Over the years the trusty 80 series had had four different intercooler systems of different design with different results.  One of the kits systems worked great until the turbo was upgraded and then it too was needing to be upgraded. The air-water system needed constant maintenance and my initial plumbing for one of the air to air systems was painful.  The final iteration is still in place after more than 7 years.

Skipping forward a few years..........while working in Perth at a GTurbo we had a need for intercooler systems that would compliment the high performance Grunter Extreme and Badboy turbochargers.  Our experience told us that front mounted air to air intercooler systems were the way to go, but the available systems on the market were all about catering standard turbo and mild turbo upgrades. We were surprised by the effectiveness (both good and bad) of some top mount units from HPD and Cross Country Interoolers, but when asked for our recommendation it had to be a front mount intercooler on the only way to meet the requirement was a custom installation. 

Time and time again the results showed us we were doing the right thing so as we got more busy we knew a kit system was the only way we could continue to recommend and provide the best solution for customers.  PDI was born out of this need for a better product and a hope that we could be the ones to make it.

I have managed a few interesting 4WD trips around the place including two trips up the Canning Stock Route, once from Cairns to Cape York and a more adventurous drive from near Beijing, China through Mongolia and a 4 week jaunt along the Siberian Road of Bones and down to Vladivostok Siberia.  Each of these trips teaches you something new about durability and preparation.  It is the simple things that catch you out so the design has to be right.  The car we used to get through Mongolia and Siberia was an 80 series petrol from Perth converted to a 1HZ and fitted with a turbo and custom intercooler kit.  The extra power it gave provided some really memorable moments through the zig zag mountain passes or pushing through long muddy (and un-neccessary) stretches at speed that would have otherwise left us stranded. The setup has flawlessly completed two international trips trip including being driven from Malaysia, via Mt Everest and on to Norway. In 2017 it went to Africa, unfortunately without me. In 2018, it toured South America, once again as a support vehicle with many spares on board.

The affect of a well designed and aesthetically pleasing installation that allows your performance gains to be achieved is very satisfying. We get many calls from customers who have completed the installation and and impressed with the results achieved.   

Our aim is provide customers with a kit that will exceed their expectations.  If we don't think an upgraded intercooler is going to make a difference on your vehicle and provide maximum benefit for your money spent we will make other suggestions.

Where are we going from here?

We have been revamping designs and making the cores larger and more effective than originally expected. Every time we fit one of the new designs we know without a doubt that we have made it the biggest that is possible. Additionally we are expanding the range with the same philosophy and the results speak for themselves.

Having a powerful HDJ79 with over 300rwkw as the daily work ute is very nice. We also believe that, even though the power has increased more than 3x factory, it is still reliable and can be driven anywhere and used for many different duties.

Our airbox range has taken far longer than expected to be released due to refinements of the design and the difficulty involved in pursuing a full cast alloy design. Once these come on the market we will be expect them to be very popular as their results, fitment and aesthetics will sell themselves.