3.5 Diff Ratio Crown Wheel and Pinion sets 76/78/79/100/105.


3.5 Diff Ratio Crown Wheel and Pinion sets 76/78/79/100/105.


These crown wheel and pinion sets come with solid pinion spacers for front and rear diffs.

The diff ratio change is recommended for those with a manual transmission and performance upgrades in the following models

VDJ76 / VDJ78 / VDJ79

HDJ100 / HDJ105 manual transmission

HDJ79 / HDJ78

These have been installed and tested in a number of Landcruisers boating in excess of 300rwkw and 1000nm. They have shown to be more than capable of the task and perform very well.

Customers have reported these give the ideal ratio for normal driving and have the benefit over the standard ratio and the 5th gear upgrade in that you get longer legs in each gear. If the fifth gear only ratio change is installed you still have 4th gear being too low for around town driving.

The VDJ79 have standard ratios of 3.9 so changing to our 3.5 will drop your engine rpm in 5th gear at 110kph by 250rpm.

The HDJ100 and HDJ79 have standard 4.1 ratio gears so these will drop your rpm at 100kph by 400rpm. It means 4th gear can now do what 5th gear used to do.

In a HDJ79 with 180rwkw we found that we could still climb (and accelerate up) a reasonably steep hill in a 50kph zone in 5th gear. This showed that the gearing needed attention and even with 3.9 ratio gears this was still possible. With the 3.5 gears we needed 4th gear and now we had a gear that was perfectly suited to highway driving.

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When installing these in a HDJ79/HDJ78 or 100 and 105 series the bearings and possibly the flange plate will need to upgraded as we are using the latest and strongest design.

From Motospecs the part numbers below will be useful


DBK10 - rear (Japanese) bearings and seal kit set with gaskets - (approx AU$250)

DTDBK7L - front (Japanese) bearing and seal kit set with gaskets - (approx AU$260)

087-012492 - rear 32 spline flange plate (approx AU$80)

087-012495 - rear 32 spline flange plate (approx AU$70)