PDI 200 Series Landcruiser Front Mount

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PDI 200 Series Landcruiser Front Mount


The first (as far as we know) front mount kit for the 200 series Landcruiser and we’ve seen significant improvement over the standard cooler. 

This is the most effective intercooling option for the 200 series Landcruiser. 

With the standard top mount intercooler the 200 series suffers with reduced fuel economy due to having to run richer to make the same 

Core is 720x260x76mm

Pipework is all stainless steel for longevity and durability.

Quality USA made Breeze clamps and silicon is thick 5ply to ensure the setup is trouble free.

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The first (as far as we know) front mount kit for the 200 series Landcruiser and we’ve made a significant improvement over the standard cooler. This is particularly since the design of the ventilation into the 200 series for the factory intercooler has sealed the area down to below the top of the grill so hot air from the engine is trapped until you start moving. Placing any obstruction, such as a bullbar, in front of the vent entry at the top of the grill greatly affects getting any cool air moving over the core.

Toyota placed the intercooler on the top of the engine since it met the low requirements they had for the standard power ratings on these engines. It also helped to keep production and assembly costs lower. It was not chosen as the most effective solution.

By placing the core at the front you get best cooling available.  We've never heard of a top mounted radiator and thats because the cold air isn't there.  Testing, performed on a VDJ70 series, running the same engine and intercooler as the 200 series and tuned to around 150rwkw (20-25kw above the 200 series) showed that (at full load) the factory top mount was able to cool the pressurised inlet air charge from around 180-190degC down to 88degC.  A quality aftermarket top mount further brought this temp down to 75degC - a 15% drop in maximum temperature.  On the same vehicle, our PDI front mount was tested and the temperature reached a maximum of 47degC, which is a 46% drop in temperature, being over 3x more effective than a quality aftermarket upgraded top mounted intercooler. The benefit of front mounting is even greater with further power increases as the boost is higher and the heat to be removed increases. 

The 76mm thick core is huge, being 720mm wide to utilise the full opening of the large grill these cruisers are blessed with to maximise cooling, improve air fuel ratios and drop your EGT.  These, in fact, will be the largest intercooler core we have been able to offer so the effectiveness is expected to be even more than the test results above.  The setup is ideal for safely optimising your performance aims or for towing applications and requires minimal modification for installation.

The kit brings the air charge from the two turbos into one and runs through the intercooler.  The outlet has a single feed back into the engine bay and through both engine throttle bodies.  This allows your EGR system and soft shutdown to remain in place. We have tested single entry back into the engine and while we have not seen any improvement in performance we will to be offering a single entry cast intake entry early in 2018 as an option.  This will be an easy upgrade at a later date.

For chipped or re-flashed 200 series they can make over 200rwkw, but with very rich mixtures and expected high exhaust temps.  Improved intercooling will bring reduce EGT by leaning out the mixtures. This is especially true for those doing any high load or low speed work with their 200 series as air flow over the top mount is reduced.

The front location is where the coolest air is, with limited heat soak from the engine.  Even at low speed or when stationary, on the dyno, our PDI front mounted intercoolers can be expected to give the most consistently high power and torque results. Once on the road it only gets better.

Too many times its been said that top mounts work better at low speed.  After some recent testing, it seems that statement is correct, when fitted with thermo fans, but only when compared to their own performance at higher speeds.  The results showed that they are certainly no better than a front mount intercooler at any point, especially when more engine load is applied where their effectiveness deteriorates faster.

The final fitment is sorted and kits are expected to be going out very soon.

Will it affect Engine Cooling?

Based on testing we do not foresee any issues with cooling performance under load.  This kit has been tested for a few months and has been in a trip through northern WA towing a 4t caravan.

We have had an upgrade for the 70 series for quite some time now. These are the best performing front mounts available and we gave seen 290rwkw on diesel only.  Under race conditions where only ⅓ of competitors completed the race, the VDJ79 (with the same engine as the 200 series), finished.  This was a scorching weekend and was uncommonly hot with cans of drink popping while just sitting in the sun.

The VDJ79 radiator is 560 x 598 x 48, while the VDJ200 Radiator is 590 x 718 x 48, which this is 26% larger.  Additionally:
1. We are yet to see a 200 series make the same power we have seen from the 70 series.
2. The effectiveness of our front mount core is multiple times better than the best of the upgraded aftermarket top mount options. Our kit will further reduce EGT, which is heat that doesn't need to be dissipated by the cooling system.

The ECU on these engines will cut back the power with increasing engine temp to protect itself.  We do not expect this to happen under road conditions, even while heavy towing.  We mention it to say that there should be no concern about risk to the engine itself.