News on Facebook

Now that we have our Facebook page we will be posting on there.

The 80 series kits that went out of stock are almost back on the shelves and by all indications will sell fast.  The design has been changed to improve fitment and will go over between the airbox and the engine rather than under it.  The piping will still be 2.5" and will stay out of the wheel arches as it goes under the battery boxes.

We have some HDJ79 kits ready for delivery that are well suited for those running standard injectors or with the turbocharged 1HZ.  The next generation of kit suited for higher output with a bigger core is almost ready.  This will support those owners who are keen to chase the maximum potential from the 1HDFTE.

Almost ready to sell the kits for the Hilux KUN26.  Looking forward to having them available and hope to price them to make it an easy decision to buy one.

The next kit under development will be a front mount for the 200 series cruiser.  This is clearly a challenge that we want to accept and will result in the biggest core of any of our kits.  Once available they will support future upgrades to the turbo and fuel system.