Updates to kits and new stock almost available

Things are gearing up.

We are about to have plenty of stock of our HDJ79/HDJ78 Front mount kits and we have a lot of interest in these as they are a neat install and are very effective.  These kits can be fitted with different options including the crossover delete for the FTE and any of the engines 1HZ, 1HD-T, 1HD-FT and 1HD-FTE.  

Our 80 series kits are proving to be popular due to their excellent flow and a core that covers almost all requirements.  These are in stock and, like above, we can support each of the engine installations as listed above.

Our V8 VDJ70 series kit is being updated soon to the Mk2.  This kit has improved fitment and flow capability on the cold side pipework.  We have seen systems boasting equal length runners and balance pipes to the two throttle bodies.  While that may seem like the logical thing, if you checked inside the manifold between the throttles you will see it enters a single chamber.  The reality is that if you chose to connect to only one throttle you would not see any impact up to a point, and we suspect that would be well above standard power. Our kit has a 2.5" feed directly into the end and a 3" feed crossing the engine. 

The effort to try get the same flow through both throttles comes at a cost to flow capability or intercooler exposure.  Our kits are front mounted prioritise intercooler exposure to cooling and next getting the air from the turbo to the manifold the most effectively.

We've seen some nice pictures of mounted intercoolers that look huge with the front stripped down but once reassembled we are still confident ours have the best exposure to airflow and therefore cooling.

Dont hesitate to contact us about our intercoolers or want to discuss other modifications you wish to make to your Landcruiser.  We will do our best to help you make the right choice.


News on Facebook

Now that we have our Facebook page we will be posting on there.

The 80 series kits that went out of stock are almost back on the shelves and by all indications will sell fast.  The design has been changed to improve fitment and will go over between the airbox and the engine rather than under it.  The piping will still be 2.5" and will stay out of the wheel arches as it goes under the battery boxes.

We have some HDJ79 kits ready for delivery that are well suited for those running standard injectors or with the turbocharged 1HZ.  The next generation of kit suited for higher output with a bigger core is almost ready.  This will support those owners who are keen to chase the maximum potential from the 1HDFTE.

Almost ready to sell the kits for the Hilux KUN26.  Looking forward to having them available and hope to price them to make it an easy decision to buy one.

The next kit under development will be a front mount for the 200 series cruiser.  This is clearly a challenge that we want to accept and will result in the biggest core of any of our kits.  Once available they will support future upgrades to the turbo and fuel system.

Online at last. Now to develop the HDJ78/HDJ79 kits

As the first few products are being prepared for sale, the website has gone live. It has been a long time coming and its a great to see.

There are kits that need to be developed and we are working on them too.  A good friend has the trusty HDJ79 ute and was part way through doing an intercooler installation last year.  Its now been finished and punches out 220rwkw.

As I can't miss buying a 1HDFTE at the right price, I also have one and now I need to turn my attention to a neat installation that will be equally appropriate on the farm, street or for the next outback trip.